Chess set news:

The Chess Company is the UK's Premier on-line retailer of high quality chess sets and chess boards. You have arrived at the UK's most revered and respected chess supplier who boast a wonderful range of the finest in chess products.

Our products are stocked at our warehouse and available for immediate dispatch using free next day delivery. Most of our range is predominantly imported from India where all the finest hand carved chess sets are produced. Being an industry leader we also ship globally, so be sure to choose your sets from a UK reputable chess retailer.

We have a huge selection of quality chess piece sets for your consideration. Almost all our sets are based on the original Staunton chess set piece design. We hope you find a set that you will cherish or indeed pass down as an heirloom through the generations. Our Chess sets are hand carved and polished to the highest standards and will last many generations.

Buy with confidence, we are an approved distributor of the superb range of quality chess sets by the English Chess Company. The English Chess Company© has set new standards of excellence in chess set design and manufacture. Beautiful and distinctive elegant chess sets have been produced with more to follow. The English Chess Company© has commissioned the finest craftsmen from the Indian city of Amritsar, the city of the golden temple, where chess sets have been carved for hundreds of years.

English Chess Company© pieces are available in the finest Ebony or red Sandalwood. The English Chess Company has set new standards in both the design and manufacture of our premium hand carved chess sets. With over 25 years experience, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality chess sets that exude style and are also a pleasure to play with. Each piece goes through a meticulous selection process to ensure that the materials, hand polishing and carving are of the highest quality.

Only the finest pieces meet the standard required by the English Chess Company. Innovation and craftsmanship are at the heart of our philosophy. We continually strive to push the boundaries of excellence whilst maintaining the integrity of the craft. We trust you will enjoy your chess set and that it brings you many pleasurable hours of game play. We are also very pleased and excited to announce the addition of the fabulous Inspired by Staunton range of limited edition chess sets, to our catalogue.

The 'Inspired by Staunton' Collection A collection of the world's most beautiful chess designs commissioned for the Chess Sets Company. For the connoisseur, serious chess collector or a unique gift for one who appreciates the beauty of sculpture. These unique and innovative chess designs are all inspired by the original 19th century Staunton pattern. The Inspired by StauntonTM collection are genuine Limited Edition sets and each design is registered with the UK Copyright Office.

Wooden chess sets are nowadays set as the standard in modern chess. Their beauty and elegance, as well as the relatively ease of dealing with this material have been the main features which have prompted the wooden chess sets in the top of the most appreciated chess sets available on the market. Wood, one of the most beautiful materials found in abundance in nature can offer spectacular views for the human eye. The disposal of its fibres as well as their colour makes the chess pieces acquire unique sparkles which will enchant the players eyes. The diversity of wood types from which the sets are made can also contribute to the great appearance of a wooden set. By far the most spectacular wooden chess pieces are those combining the dark look of ebony with that bright yellow boxwood. Other spectacular combinations include rosewood and boxwood and natural and ebonised boxwood. 

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