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If you use chess as a way of entertainment or mind training during the weekend or at a picnic with friends, then you have total freedom in choosing whatever type of chess set us suits you best. It is enough to convince your friends to play with you using those pieces and chessboard and the mind confrontation can begin. However, things are different when it comes to chess tournaments and competitions. There are rules to be followed strictly, so no hand painted figurines, marble or glass pieces are allowed. Below you can find further details about this subject as well as other chess equipment you may need for training. The Chessmen

The first thing that comes to your mind when saying chess are the chess pieces. Well, this is mainly because on their easy recognition as well as on the comfort they give when playing heavily relies the outcome of the game. This is why FIDE has regulated the size, look and materials used to make chessmen. Thus, the only chess design allowed in competitions is the Staunton style and the materials in which the pieces can be carves are wood and plastic. The chessmen should be easy to handle. The king should have anywhere in between 3.5” and 4.5”so that it can fully meet FIDE’s specifications. The Board

The board should be made of wood, cardboard, plastic or cloth and the colours should be dark vs. light, where dark means any shade of black, green or blue, while light means white, ivory, light yellow, cream and similar nuances. Also natural wood colour is accepted. If you are the practical type of person and do not have very much storing space you can purchase a rolling or folding vinyl or cloth board for your tournaments. Other Materials – For Chess Clubs and Schools

Chess Clocks - highly useful when training for timed chess or blitz chess. Use them for motivating the students which take too much time to make a move. There are no strict FIDE regulations regarding the type of chess clock which must be used in tournaments, but digital clocks tend to have taken the place of analog ones due to their many innovative features. However, analog chess clocks are still used in schools and chess clubs.

Chess Bags - they are extremely functional for both students who need to carry their equipment on a regular basis as well as for storing chess equipment efficiently. Most chessboards have special pockets for chess pieces, chessboard and clock, so that scratching and damage will be avoid while taking them form one place to another.

In chess, there if few equipment one needs to take care of. This is why it is highly recommended that you invest in quality items that will not only improve your chess experience, but will also last significantly longer than the low quality ones.