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One of the latest trends in chess is collecting hand painted chess pieces. This new approach towards the old chess pieces has not only revived the chess industry, but has also brought more colour and dynamism to what it was perceived to be a “closed world”. Chess was perfect: elegant through the simplicity of the Staunton style, rigid due to its strict rules, immortal as it resisted the proof of time for so long, elevated due to its selection of players and of course beautiful and fascinating. Yet, the apparition of hand painted chess pieces has signalled the one thing that chess missed and that was its colour. When these pieces made their way to collectors, it was the ultimate homage brought to chess.

Most had painted chess pieces available nowadays are made of high quality poly resin and have intricate details that will astonish even the most exigent eye. Poly resin is a material made of crushed stone composite. This makes the chess pieces hard and weighty as if made of stone and resistant as if made of plastic.

Various models, starting with figurines suitable for children and ending with scenes from history, are available nowadays. Among the most famous hand painted chess pieces we should enumerate the Alice in Wonderland hand painted chess set, which contains pieces inspired from the famous children story written by Lewis Carol. This set, is a great way of attracting children into the fascinating world of chess. Other similar hand painted chess pieces include farm themed chess sets, Lord of the Rings chess set and Robin Hood chess set. Depending on your childs preferences you can choose one of the above listed themed chess pieces and let the fun begin. You can be sure that Alice will have greater success than a normal queen, while Robin Hood will make a great king in childrens vision.

Yet, not only children can enjoy the beauty of hand painted chess pieces. Fascinating themed chess sets are waiting for adults attention in stores all over the word. By far the most used theme for hand painted chess sets is history. You can find chess pieces showing Alexander the Great in confrontation with the Indians, or maybe have an insight in the Battle of Hastings. Those looking for something more updated, there are also available hand painted chess sets inspired by the Battle of Waterloo and the long lasting rivalry between the French and the British. The crusades have also been a source of inspiration for those producing such chess pieces, so it is up to you to choose the chess set which stirs your emotions the most.

The hand painted chess sets offer great views for those in love with chess. Whether you want them as exhibition pieces or as functional pieces on your chessboard, these vividly coloured pieces with intricate details will put a smile on your face each time you see them. Continue