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Wooden chess sets are nowadays set as the standard in modern chess. Their beauty and elegance, as well as the relatively ease of dealing with this material have been the main features which have prompted the wooden chess sets in the top of the most appreciated chess sets available on the market.

Wood, one of the most beautiful materials found in abundance in nature can offer spectacular views for the human eye. The disposal of its fibres as well as their colour makes the chess pieces acquire unique sparkles which will enchant the players eyes. The diversity of wood types from which the sets are made can also contribute to the great appearance of a wooden set. By far the most spectacular wooden chess pieces are those combining the dark look of ebony with that bright yellow boxwood. Other spectacular combinations include rosewood and boxwood and natural and ebonised boxwood. Golden rosewood is also extremely used in making wooden chess pieces.

When it comes to design, most wooden chess sets follow the Staunton pattern, so that along with their great looks they will also be highly functional. The most expensive wooden chess sets usually have the Staunton pattern at the basis of their design, but the carvings are more detailed and intricate, so that they amaze the viewer. The Knight is usually the chess piece which gets most of the attention. In some chess sets, the Knight is the accurate replica of a normal horse, having detailed mane, teeth and a tough facial expression. The simpler designs usually have lower prices, unless they are made from rare wood.

According to the way it was produced, the wooden chess sets fall under two categories: the hand carved wooden chess and the machine made sets. The first category is also the more expensive one as each and every piece is hand carved with great attention to detail. This involves hours of assiduous work and thus a limited number of chess sets available on the market. Like any other hand-made item, these wooden chess sets are highly praised and looked by collectors from all over the world. The machine made wooden chess piece tend to be less expensive because the time and budget needed to complete a set is significantly lower than if hand carved. Also, numerous sets can be released on the market, so that people have where to choose from.

Wooden chess sets are suitable for tournaments as they are easy to place in position, are relatively soft when touched and have an elegant, yet simple look which can be immediately spotted on the chessboard. At the same time, the wooden sets are suitable for private chess collections, especially if they are hand carved and made of rare wood.

In order to highlight the beautiful features of a wooden chess set it is imperative that they are paired with a chessboard that matches their looks. If possible, it is recommended that the pieces and the chessboard are made of the same types of wood.